United Kingdom


I have added a Tax Code of 12.5% as the UK Government has temporarily reduced VAT on certain sales, but when I try to populate the VAT Calculation Worksheet, it is only seeing the original 5% and 20% amounts. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance

You are not doing anything wrong. Your experience just means no one has taken on updating of the UK localization.

VAT return for UK needs to be re-created using reporting categories which elegantly would solve this issue. I’m planning to do this before end of this month. So right now, nothing can be done but you can use this 12.5% tax code in your business. In future version you will be able to link up this tax code with VAT return.

Thanks Lubos, I will need to use the Worksheet to submit my return before the end of the month.

I also needed to do this now to file my VAT and found the same issue.

To complicate my situation, I am using an older v19.12.13 so it still shows the code with the UUIDs and the G1 G2 G3 G4 etc calculations in the report transformation. I also need to update my version but wanted to de-couple these tasks to do my VAT return now. I found a hacky way to do it, but almost certainly not recommended and could cause issues in some circumstances, disclaimer etc etc. I intend to update my version soon and use the proper method!..

I ended up looking at the *.manager file internals to discover the UUID of my custom 12.5% VAT code. I changed it from 12.5% to 13.5% in Manager and then used a comparison program to see what changed inside;


This area shows a change and the UUID (Note: this is concatenated with value starting 7f36 which is a constant and is not needed in the report transformation, this will be different for your user).

I then added this to my report transformation;

{% assign VAT_12_5 = "0a40fad5-dd5e-4c85-bde5-6a42e9b62dda" %}

and used this in the calc for box G4 (the only one on mine which didn’t match my expectations from the Tax Summary / Transactions / Audit reports)

{% assign G4 = taxOnPurchases[VAT_5] | plus: taxOnPurchases[VAT_20] | plus: taxOnPurchases[VAT_12_5] | minus: taxOnSalesMinusTaxOnPurchases[VAT_5_on_imports] | minus: taxOnSalesMinusTaxOnPurchases[VAT_20_on_imports] %}

After this the VAT calculation worksheet gave the values I expect.

hello @kevinb456
You did a very Hard work to find a workaround for Getting Correct VAT Values on VAT Calculation Worksheet .
I Just Want to request you to do Some More Hard Work and
To Contribute on UK Localization and Make a tax Code for 12.5 % or Whatever it is and Modify the VAT Calculation Worksheet.
this will benefit all The UK Based Users.

I am not yet using the latest version of manager.io so the VAT report transformation is different for my version so I can’t yet, but I will happily look at this once I’ve got the latest version of manager.io. As this hack has satisfied my needs for now I may not get to this for another couple months however.