Vat calculation on invoice wrong

I’ve picked up a problem with manager doing incorrect calculations on vat amounts.
15% vat on an amount of 660 should give 99 but manager is calculating 113.77.
I’m currently using version which I downloaded today as the latest one for ubuntu, but this problem has been around for a number of earlier versions as well.
Could the wise men please look into this and let me know if it’s something I’m doing wrong or if it’s a bug in the system.
many thanks

You have undoubtedly set the pricing parameter incorrectly

See here Choose between tax-exclusive and tax-inclusive prices | Manager

Also, show screenshots

I can not replicate your “error” it works in Manager v23.4.7.760 on Ubuntu. See screenshots below on a test business:

VAT 15% inclusive:

VAT 15% exclusive:

Show as @Abeiku asked screenshots of your edit and results screen. Also of your Tax Code in Settings.

Hi Folks,
Firstly thanks so much for your interest and advice.
I went into Settings-Tax Codes and Form Default and found that the Tax Rate was set at zero. I changed this to custom and selected Single Rate under type and now it works perfectly.
Thanks to joe91 for pointing me in the right direction!

Was the tax code a default tax code? If the tax code was a default tax code, can you tell us which country?

Hi Abeiku, the tax rate in form defaults was set at zero and after I changed it to custom and single line did the vat calculation work out correctly.
The country is South Africa.
Hope this is the information that you’re looking for?