Valuta sign in invoices?

I don`t see them ? Maybe i missed some option.

Also term “Invoice number” is not translated to german. I would translate it myself but don``t know what files. It is not pure web based script.

If you would like to help with translation, please consider joinining translation team

Not sure what you mean by “Valuta sign”. If you mean currency sign, you can set it under “Settings” tab, then “Invoice Template”

Sorry, currency sign, yes. Thank you, i found it, completely missed that.

Will not open new topic, just to ask. Is it possible to show in invoices Tax with 0.0% ?
1% and above goes, but with 0% it is not shown.

In some countries freelancers are not bounded to some taxes up to some sum in one fiscal year. And it is very important to show in invoices even 0.0% tax.

And currency signs on all products list would be more professional. I know this one is not big problem for you to code.

What country is this for? To be honest, I haven’t heard of requirement to indicate 0% tax on invoices yet but of course I could be wrong.

Austria for instance.

Dont know if it is by law required, but freelancers with special licences dont charge tax on services up to some sum per one year. And problem is client (customer) can try to cheat state by giving your bill to tax office as investment in his company. (and ask from state some money back)
And this is now allowed as you didnt charged any tax upon him.

Of course it can be expained with few sentences bellow invoice, but 0.0% Tax visible would protect freelancer 100%, no more in court, “i didnt know”.

I know what you mean but generally (and legally speaking in other countries I’m familiar with) if the invoice doesn’t explicitly indicate that tax has been charged, it is automatically implied items are subject to 0% tax.

Anyway, this might be resolved pretty soon regardless of what are the rules in Austria because one of the user requests I’m getting fairly often is to indicate tax rate as per line item on invoice. This is useful when there are multiple items on single invoice of varying tax rates so the buyer who is receiving invoice knows which items on invoice are subject to which tax.

That would solve your issue too.