Value Issue in Purchase Invoice

Facing abnormal issue all of a sudden

Showing different values in summary window and edit window

Summary Window

Edit Window

Suggestion please all old entries are mismatching now

You need to furnish more information. Your first screenshot is not from the summary. Your second is incomplete. We don’t know what kind of transactions you are referring to. Show the entire edit screen of the transaction you are concerned about.

First One is Purchase Invoice List Window, Second one is Purchase Invoice Edit Window.
In Edit Window Value is Showing 25,007
In Purchase Invoice Window value is showing 25,006.95

It was proper earlier.

Please follow my request. You leave us guessing.

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@sunilmanjunath, while I do agree that 25,007 is close but still not equal to 25,006.95, I still cannot–and neither any of the other moderators can–say that this is a bug when we can’t reproduce, troubleshoot or at least verify the issue.

That’s why you should follow @Tut’s advice and share the entire screens including business name, breadcrumbs and references for tracability. In case there’s some confidential information, please take the time to redact them.