Using text from a custom field in an email template


In my email template for sales invoices, I want to have text from a sales invoice custom field automatically inserted.

I use others such as {{ names.first }} but am not sure what wording I need to use for my custom field.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I work out what wording to use?

Many thanks

you can get an idea about this by reading the below guide.

when calling a custom field it needs to be looped in the array.

Thanks for your reply sharpdrivetek.
I tried a few ways of doing it but didn’t have any luck.
I’m not sure what is meant by needing to be in a looped array.

My custom field is called “Online Tracking URL”

I tried adding this to my email template:
“You can track your delivery online at {{Online Tracking URL}}”

I then tried this:
"You can track your delivery online at

Online Tracking URL
{{ custom_fields["Online Tracking URL"] }}

Neither worked for me

That last post didn’t show correctly as it must have taken some of what I entered as HTML and showed it differently

please make sure that the custom field is set to show on printed documents.
you can only call a custom field which appears on the form.

Yes, it does show on printed documents

please post a screenshot of

  1. your custom field edit screen
  2. the portion where it appears on your form
  3. the portion where you put the code in your email template

Thank you, I have worked it out now.

What I had to enter is {{ custom_fields[“Online Tracking URL”] }}