Using Multicurrency

Hope you are all well. I am in Zimbabwe. The government has directed that companies should issue invoices or receipts in the currency tendered by the customer e.g. ZWL( Zimdollar) or USD or EURO. My understanding is that I can set a currency for a customer. My challenge is that in our country a customer can use the ZWL today and USD the following day. How do i circumvent this challenge?

You need to create one customer in Manager for each currency they use (eg. “Customer 1” for ZWL, “Customer 1 (USD)” for USD, “Customer 1 (EUR)” for Euros, etc). When they let you know which currency they want to use, choose the appropriate customer for that transaction. Unfortunately it can make it difficult if they want to use a combination of currencies or transfer their USD credit to ZWL, etc, but you can get around most situations by using journal entries or splitting transactions into multiple invoices where necessary. It also means you should find out from them which currency they want to use before you issue the invoice.

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