Using Expense Claim Payers


When I add a new expense claim payer. And then go ahead to create a new expense claim, it always 2 of the same name.

Why is there 2 names in the Payers dropdown?

I noticed that if I select one or the other, it changes the location of expenses when recorded in the balance sheet, it either appears in the drawings, or appears in the retained purchases.


You are probably using “Capital accounts”

Capital accounts are integrated with expense claims so if you have partners, beneficiaries or other members set up under capital accounts, you will be able to record expense claims against them.

If you have a person created under capital accounts, no need to create that person again as expense claims payer.


I noticed also that if you the capital accounts as the expense claimer, when you record a payment it needs to go into capital accounts, not expense claims liabilities.

Hope the documentation can be clearer about these features in the future.