Password on company

I have two companies and I need to have a password to one of them so people who use the second company cannot see the first one.

No, this is not supported on desktop edition. Here is why.

If someone already has physical access to your computer, password would be very weak protection. I don’t want to add features that create false sense of security.

Not to mention, every operating system Manager runs on already allows multiple user accounts which can be protected by password. So just have two user accounts on your computer, install Manager on both and put your primary business under password protected account so only you access it and the secondary business put under the other account which can be without password.


Lubos, this would still be very useful for those of us that have to share our computer family members. A password would allow us to prevent them from accessing the data in Manager while they use the computer for other purposes.

You did not read @lubos’ earlier response. It resolves your problem.

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Could a Pin Number be set up on a per company basis.
We have a PC where 2 companies are set up, 1 is for “personal” the other is a shared one for other users from the charity I work with. Ideally, I’d like them to not see my personal accounts. Unless there is another suggestion? But I think a pin would be a great set up feature for this!

@Lee_Thomas, the solution to your situation was already described in post #2 above. Other than that, if you want user-specific access control, you must pay for the server or cloud editions.