Users are missing FORUM link from top of page

We are missing the FORUM (also Guides, and About Manager) link from the top of the page in Manager.IO
We are running the server version of Manager and running Manager 16.1.12
These links show up when logged in as Administrator but not when logged in as a normal user.

We have just performed an upgrade to the latest version to see if this would resolve the issue but this hasn’t helped.

Could you please advise?

In the server version only the administrative manager user gets those items as you have found and it has been so for a long time. I would not like this to change. Users can get access to the help and forum via shortcuts also in my view users do not need to be concerned about version numbers.

Yeah, this is not a bug. It’s basically a feature since many users have been requesting it.

I think the idea is that if your users have any issue, you don’t want them go to forums but rather inquire with whoever is in charge of the accounting procedures.

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