User privilieges

Is there a way to limit users to see/edit/delete etc. only items they have created, but not anything some other user has done?

If not, could this also be implemented? There are a few companies in our group that have sales people and they have their own clients, who also have different pricing based on many factors. We wouldn’t want people seeing offers, invoices, payments etc. from clients that are not theirs.

Also, in one of the companies we have office manager taking supplier invoices, also dealing with cash payouts and receiving cash for certain services. We wouldn’t want her having access to all payments so that she can see salaries and other sensitive information, only work she has done.


That’s not possible at the moment.

I got an Idea for the purpose but I don’t know the other side of the proposal weather it will suit.
But without lethargically negative it please discuss if anything can be done with the following idea.
Its only a basic thinking

I don’t understand your request. Are those filters?

Yes if the optional Division is selected or the Inventory location is selected or both selected that particular user shall be able work only in that areas if not selected as it is he can work normally

The inventory location restriction idea is the same suggestion we have here
Hide Location from Restricted user, it is already in the ideas category.

But I also believe in restricting/hiding divisions from restricted users. But that wouldn’t mean the users wouldn’t be able to see the transactions of other users.

There have been talks on the introduction of ownership over transactions where users could be limited to seeing only the transactions they have generated (Limited action, "Create" only for sales man - #3 by lubos).

You can read more on that here (Search results for 'ownership concept' - Manager Forum)