Use list of currencies in more companies

We work with differentie companies and different currencies. Every day I make a new record for the chang in currency. How can I use one table of currencies in all the companies?


You cannot.

It would be helpful if it could be. Now I have to type over the same figures many times. An topic for a new release?

Re-reading your question, it occurs to me I may have misunderstood it. When you said you worked with different companies, I interpreted that as meaning you have several businesses in Manager (with separate accounting files), and are wondering if you can use a common set of exchange rates for all the different businesses. The answer to that is no.

But maybe, by different companies, you meant different customers or suppliers. The answer to that is yes. Exchange rates you enter work everywhere within a given business. And you can use batch operations to update them.

If you’re brave, you could even use data copied from one business during a Batch Update operation to update another business’ exchange rates. However, you should experiment with this in a test business first. You will have to manipulate the data quite a bit in a spreadsheet and delete the keys from the source business before doing a Batch Create operation in the target business. Keys (the 32-character hexadecimal variables) will not cross from one business to the other. If you get things wrong in your real business, you have the potential to really damage your records. If you have any doubt about the procedures, DO NOT DO THIS!