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Thanks @lubos!

If possible, can Manager software calculate the average cost (per unit)? That will help to avoid updating the average cost for each purchase invoice. We have thousands of products. Though we cannot avoid updating the selling price, I thought we can avoid updating the average cost. Usually, we don’t update selling price unless there is considerable change in profit margin. Appreciate your help

Not sure what you are really requesting. Purchase invoice has prices set by your supplier.

I would not have closed the previous topic if I knew you had more questions, @goocery. I don’t understand your issue, since Manager now displays the average cost (from version 16.3.50). And it has always updated the average cost for each purchase, even though it did not previously display it.

The “Average cost” displayed in the “Inventory items” list seems to be updated correctly.
Sorry, I was not clear about the actual problem with my case. Please find more details
about my use-case and the problem below.

We don’t have “Sales invoice item” created for each “Inventory item”. So, we set
the “Sale price” in the “Inventory item” itself. When we EDIT any particular
inventory item under “Inventory items” list, the “Purchase price” doesn’t reflect
the average cost of the inventory item. By default, it is mentioned as “Optional”.
We use “Batch update” in the excel sheet (as there are thousands of items).
If the average purchase cost is shown in the exported tsv file, that would
be helpful to check/update the “Sale price” for each item.

OK, I see what you mean now. You want Average cost to be exported as a column to spreadsheet. Correct?

Yes, that’s right. Thanks!

I think this is better suited for upcoming custom reports so you will need to wait for it.

okay, thanks @lubos. would wait for it