Updating a very old Manager data file

I’ve discovered that Manager’s custom reporting functionality has at long last been enhanced, so I’m finally returning to Manager. I stopped updating my stand-alone Manager version back in 2016 when PDF printing was temporarily broken.

My Manager data files are very old, from version 16.10.6 of Manager. Once I open the files in the current version of Manager, I understand that they will be converted to the newer data model and that there will be no going back. (I’ll keep backups, naturally, just in case.)

Is the data conversion expected to go smoothly, or should I anticipate any particular issues given how old my files are?

There shouldn’t be any issue. And if you have backups, then there is always possibility of “going back”.

Hi again. Okay, I took the plunge, and I like what I see. Nice work these past few years.

I’ve found one glitch in the update process. Due to changes in how Manager automatically allocates payments that cover more than one invoice, some old invoices that had been fully paid with payments that spanned multiple invoices now appear as either overdue or overpaid. Here is an example of before (ver 16.10.6, still running on my laptop as a fail-safe) versus after (ver 19.2.21):



The net amount is the same: The “overpaid” amount from the first invoice exactly equals the “underpaid” amount of the other two invoices.

What is the best way to correct the payment allocations to clear the “overdue” flags without messing up any of my historical books?


Read the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/12951. Let us know if that doesn’t resolve things.