Update Suggestion About Goods Receipts

I want to give a suggestion about Good Receipts, Receive Goods option in Purchase Invoice Manu/Option bar.

As we all receive the goods Frequently, By Purchase Invoice its helpful to every one. And Also its Easy As send or receive Money option, because the Quantity of the goods are pre-written in the Invoice, We just want to put a Delivery Location… And its done.

At Now we are need to fill all the details in Goods Receipts… Like Invoice No, Supplier Name, Inventory items step by step, its Quantity & the inventory location.
If Manager team Provide a option to Receive goods option in upper bar in Purchase invoice, then its only one click work to receive goods for all.
Thats my suggestion,

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Your Receive Goods suggestion is very good, but why not have the Inventory (Delivery) Location field on the Purchase Invoice input form then you don’t need to do a second action.

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How to add the Inventory Location field in Purchase Invoice??? I have no knowledge about that.
Recently I add new purchase invoice & paid the full amount. At the time of Spend money I select Inventory location… But, in the Inventory the item is still undelivered.
Please provide the solution for it.
Right now I can manage it with “goods receipts” & fill all the details again & again for each & every purchase. Thanks.

Do you have more then one Inventory Location ?
If no, then you can turn off the Inventory Location field under Settings.

If yes, then you need to manage with Goods Receipts unfortunately, however under the following topic lubos has commented about making changes so that the Inventory Location selection can occur on Invoices.

"I’ll probably add that option for consistency reasons. Normally when it comes to invoices, they are usually credit sales or credit purchases where payment or delivery of goods happen at different time.

But I agree, there are use cases where goods are dispatched at the same time as invoice is issued. So for these use cases it makes sense to be able to specify inventory location on invoices."

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Yes, we have more than one inventory Locations,
I already read the full topic of Lubos about [16.11.93].
And As you told I use Goods Receipts for now to manage the inventory location.
And Waiting for the Update about Inventory location selection // Goods Receipt or any other way to manage the Inventory Location suggested by all other members which ever is easy and best.

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