Update Prices on Invoices Idea


Would it be possible to have an update prices Button on Sales and Purchase Invoices so a cloned Invoice updates to the latest Inventory or Non inventory prices.

Also if I start using Recurring Purchase or Recurring Sales Invoices I think there needs to be some way to automatically update these recurring invoices after a price update.

Recurring Sales Invoices do not keep prices up-to-date

this idea would not suit users who have different prices for different customers. so your request is more like a personal preference.


I think that would be solved by having different markups for different clients. When prices rise, they still have to increase the customers prices one way or another. So what I would do is have markups for different customers and then update prices based on this. Just my thought.

I know that someone else raised the same issue - He had about 700 recurring invoices which he said has to be updated manually every time a price increases - not very practical.