Update Interruption

My MANAGER update is interrupted showing this message -
“Called RunScript when not marked in progress.” and
" Called InstallFinalize when no install in progress."

As no one can see your computer, providing some background is likely to help others to provide meaningful assistance. For example:

  • What operating system are you running?
  • What version of this operating system?
  • Have you successfully installed and run Manager in the past?
  • What version of Manager are you upgrading from?
  • In what context was the error reported? Was there more, can you post a screen shot?
  1. OS: WIN10 PRO 64BIT
  2. VER. 1903
  3. Yes. I’m steel using MANAGER 19.9.48 and regularly install the updates since last 5 months, but after this version when i’m trying to update my MANAGER the error is occurring.
  4. Now i want to trying to install the update:19.10.21 but failed.

looks like your Windows update has changed your user permissions.
check the user permissions for the folder or drive to which you are installing Manager.
also check the user permissions to your Windows temp folder. C:\Windows\Temp

Checked user permissions and solved. Thanks to- “sharpdrivetek” and MANAGER FORUM for your useful feedback. Thank you all.