Up front and down payments

I do a lot of projects which takes 3-6 months and has several payments down the road. I also have to pay my suppliers at some point in time and often my payment to supplier comes before I get paid by customer.
To manage all of this I need a way to setup all incoming and outgoing payments for next 6 months and then build cash flow report to see if I have enough money at all times. Is this possible?

Manager doesn’t do this. Mostly because right now Manager is about recording what has happened, not what you expect to happen in future. There is an app called PulseApp which does what you need (they have limited free plan too). Eventually I might re-implement PulseApp functionality in Manager since they’ve done such a great job and I think it would be useful functionality for any business that is concerned with cash flow.

Hi, thanks for suggestion I take a look at PulseApp.

For some reason almost no accounting apps has this feature and I think that this is one of the most important ones. To run business you have to look forward, not backward :slight_smile: Manager.io is great in all other aspect and I’ll be your customer if you ever implement this feature.