VAT Report Transformation UK

Correct. I tried that before and didn’t see that first you’ll have to click New Report


and then click Create to create a new report


which will result in a VAT Calculation Worksheet for the selected period

Thanks for the feedback.
When I go to the link in Marks post I download a new business with a report transformation I can change. However, I want this for existing businesses. How do I do that so I have a report transformation I can modify both the text in column one and the fields in column 2 to correspond to the new UK tax form?

and then carry out the steps as indicated in post #4

Thanks Mark. Following your instructions still gives me a report transformation as shown in my first post.

you do not have to go to SettingsReport Transformations.
the report transformation is already available as part of your UK localization.
to generate a report for any specific period, you need to go to ReportsVAT Calculation Worksheet

@mpb okay i see now what the problem is. checked the UK localization file and the report transformations still fetch data using the custom fields for tax codes. this was recently changed and Reporting Categories were introduced.

you can read the other localization topics here where there has been discussion about the same. this will help you understand how to use the reporting categories to create report transformations. also, it would be helpful to other UK users if you can update the localization file for UK as per the recent changes.

there is a dedicated topic for UK localization. all discussion regarding UK localization should be made in the topic.

When I create a new business there is a report transformation available. How do I get one for an existing business the same as the new business? If I have to add new tax categories I would have to create new tax codes and have to change many existing transactions i.e. I have a VAT 20% that covers sales and purchases but I can only add one category to the VAT 20% code. I think I must be missing something simple. I am at a loss to use it for existing businesses that I have.

If you created a new business, the necessary tax codes should be present as part of the localization. Just be sure you specify the country as you add the business. See the Guide: Add a new business | Manager.

You would also be wise to drop your focus on report transformations. Since there is a localization for the UK, you do not need to create any. Available localized report transformations appear under Reports.

I am not adding a new business. I am trying to get it to work for existing businesses.

You just wrote that you were:

I created a new business when I was testing on the advice of the previous posts. If I select United Kingdom localisations from the list of countries a new business is created and that appears to have a report transformation with it.

as suggested you could discuss and give feedback on the dedicated localization topic for UK.

these were also discussed in localization topics of other countries. you could try reading them.

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@mpb I’ve noticed some existing businesses did not migrate properly. To manually fix it, simply go to Settings, then Report Transformations and delete the report transformation (it shouldn’t be there). This will fix the issue.

I appreciate the replies, however, when I go to the localizations link and select UK, I get a business “United Kingdom” where I can change the text of the VAT Calculation Worksheet report transformation to that used by HMRC UK. How do I then get that to my existing businesses?

I have done what lubos suggested in my existing business and deleted the report transformation but my VAT calculation worksheet does not show the text I want nor can I change the text.

That’s by design. Country-specific reports should not be modified in your business. The reason is that when report is improved/updated, your modifications would be lost anyway.

What exactly are you trying to achieve by changing the text?

Hi Lubos
The text required by HMRC UK has changed as per the image. It also has implications regarding the values in boxes 8 and 9.

And this is why this needs to be done centrally at so it flows to all users automatically.

I do not know how to do that. Can that be done by a more experienced person. By going to the United Kingdom localisation what needs doing and then how does it get used by my existing businesses?

At this stage, I could understand why it’s implemented the way it is but once the localization is complete no changes should flow from anywhere until the user requests a newer version. Because otherwise that really sounds scary. Especially with the tax code merging situation.

However, I can live with this method of releasing localizations only if the user has total control on what happens to the tax codes. The categories and transformations on the other hand can flow unimpeded.

Now regarding tax codes, I suggest that the default behavior be something like this more or less:

  • New codes should be created by default. (Also the localizations team should
  • A utility is provided for the user to merge existing tax codes. Manager can still give suggestions but not go through the merging without user involvement.