Digital vat (mtd)

Hi. Can anyone specify the way one can get an excel file out of manager for making a UK digital tax return. I shall be most grateful if you can.

what data do you need in the excel file? the whole Manager database?

there is already a VAT calculation worksheet provided in the UK localizations. is that what you are looking for?

anyway all localization requirements have their own topics. please post there.

Why our tax returns not as simple as this? UK guys, I envy you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much for your message. I know about this report. What I am asking is for someone who knows about the Uk VAT digital reporting requirements to tell me how they satisfy them with Manager.

Thanks a lot for that but does it work in the cloud version?

I have just downloaded the latest version and it says it is 21.11.10. Any thoughts?

@GrumpyFrog to get MTD report, go to Business Details and make sure your country is set to United Kingdom.


This will give you VAT Calculation Worksheet under Reports tab.


I was just trying to find out if Manager acted as bridging software for MTD (evidently not) when I noticed this thread. VAT used to be so simple before MTD, now it takes ten times longer. However, for what it’s worth here’s what I’ve been doing using Manager on a Mac, and generating the required Excel file from Numbers on the Mac. I then use Anna bridging software, which has been free but they’re going to start charging £3.50. I had to write myself this crib sheet because after three months I forget what to do. If you use Excel it will be simpler, but I don’t. Adapt as required.

First, generate a VAT return in Manager…

  1. In Businesses (top left) choose [YOUR COMPANY].
  2. Choose Reports in left sidebar.
  3. Scroll right down… Under United Kingdom choose VAT Calculation Worksheet then generate a new VAT Return.
  4. Insert a description and relevant dates and click Create.
  5. You will now view the VAT Return you’ve just created. Leave Manager for the moment.
  6. In Finder, navigate to and copy the ANNA_Excel_Template.xlsx file.
  7. Create a new folder called for example “VAT 2022-03 to 2022-05” (or whatever the dates are) and paste the file in. Now return to Manager.
  8. In Manager, click on the amount against Box 6 (Total value of sales) and all the sub-categories of sales will be displayed, based on different VAT rates. Click on the top one (VAT 20%) and all the transactions will be displayed. Scroll to foot of page and in bottom right click on “Max”, then in bottom left click on “Copy to clipboard”.
  9. Open a new blank Numbers file and make sure there are no Header rows or columns. Position the curser in cell A1 and paste in the info in the clipboard.
  10. Return to Manager and do the same for each VAT category, pasting the info below the info you’ve already got in the Numbers file.
  11. IMPORTANT: make sure the columns are consistent for each category as the 0% catagory will often not contain a “Bank Account” column. ALSO: delete the header (title) rows of and second or third categories when you paste.
  12. In the numbers file open Find & Replace. Find “VAT “ (note the space after the T); leave the replace field blank then click “Replace all”
  13. Still in Numbers, copy column A and paste into column D (Inventory Item)and then column E (Bank Account), deleting the info already there (Inventory item and bank account). Now delete column A (date).
  14. Copy column H (amount) and paste over column E (description). Now delete columns G and H.
  15. Row 1 will be your column titles, which you no longer need, so select Cell A2 to the end of column F and copy to clipboard
  16. Open the newly copied ANNA_Excel_Template.xlsx file (it will open in Numbers). This file has four tabs at the top. Select “Sales” and put the curser in cell A5 and paste in the info from the clipboard. Formulas in columns G and H should calculate automatically. You may have to re-type in the VAT percentages to get the formulas to work.
  17. Repeat all the above for the Expenses tab in the ANNA_Excel_Template.xlsx file.
  18. In the ANNA_Excel_Template.xlsx file, click on the first tab, Vat Return. The Excel formulas don’t work in Numbers, so put the figures in manually from Manager.
  19. From Numbers, export as an Excel file and upload to Anna: Free MTD bridging software. Sign in as [YOUR COMPANY LOGIN AND PASSWORD]. They’ll email a 6 digit pass code.
  20. CAUTION: the Anna login link takes you to a “create a new account” page. From there click on “Already have an account? - sign in”
  21. MORE CAUTION: When you upload the Excel file check the figures show correctly on the Anna screen before confirming.