Column heading discrepancy with mixed item types

A discrepancy can occur when inventory and non-inventory items are mixed on forms. When only one inventory item has a defined unit name, that name is substituted for the “Qty” heading. But when a non-inventory item is added the substitution persists, even though a unit name for the non-inventory item does not exist. See this example, in which the top line item is an inventory item with unit name defined as Box, and the bottom line is a non-inventory item with no unit name:

Unless all line items have the same unit name, the column heading should remain as “Qty” as it does when inventory items with mixed unit names are listed. Although it is elegant to switch the heading when only one unit name exists, the practice of appending units under an unchanging column heading of “Qty” would be acceptable.

The problem does not occur when inventory items with and without unit names are listed. In that situation, the heading remains as “Qty.” Nor does it occur when inventory items are combined with manually entered line items that are not defined non-inventory items. The bug is restricted to combinations of inventory with non-inventory items.

Should be fixed in the latest version (16.11.87)

All looks good. Nice that you preserved the heading switch when there is only one unit of measure.