Uncategorized transactions


From not far a way it looks like there was an update that I believe it’s wrong updates.

I have two concerns in uncategorized transactions.

  1. Once all new transactions imported, all these are now in light grey with a bit lighter grey background so It’s hard to read. Previously it was just black so easy to read. I want these back in black so easier to read. See below current version.

  2. When I split a transaction into two or more and only reconcile one or part transaction and leave a part as suspense, once it’s updated, the whole transaction is gone in the uncategorized list. Before, because a part of a transaction was not categorized, it still shows in the uncategorized list so I still see and categorize later when I need to.

    If I update the above one, it now disappears from the uncategorized list so I miss to categorize the last one later. This should not disappear unless I fully categorize it.

this thread is similar

The issue is Manager does not remember or report a difference between the originally imported total and what you change it to. As a result if you change the transaction so no funds are in suspense, then the software interprets that as this is a valid & complete transaction.

There was another thread suggesting Manage could be enhanced by remembering the original total amount during data entry.

The problem is Manager did remember if there’s any transactions which are suspense even if it was split into 2 or more and it should’ve been in the way. Now even there was still suspense event, it just disappear and no where to find it unless I specifically remember it.

In the suspense tab, there not only this but also many other transactions showing when they are not actually suspense so this cannot help. This must be wrong somehow.

Are you saying that there are transactions posted to the suspense account which shoyld not be?

If so, please post the edit screen of the transaction?

If not, please explain with screen copies what you mean

I’ve got one transaction partially suspense but this is not showing as per below.

This transaction does not show in the uncategorised transactions but only the other two that I haven’t categorise yet.

And I can find this in the suspense tab as per below however, only when I knew as there are also many different transactions listed that are already categorised and not suspense anymore.

I don’t mind whatever comes up in the ‘summary / suspense’ tab as I don’t use this tab usually however no matter transactions that are suspense or partially suspense, it should come up in the ‘bank accounts / uncategorized transactions’ tab, so I know I have to categorise them when I need to. This is what the manager used to be. I hope this make sense to you?

No, it does not make sense. Suspense exists as an account where Manager posts incorrect or incomplete transactions until you can correct them. It is not acceptable to you don’t mind what is in Suspense because you don’t use it. Everything there is an error. Some of those errors have far-reaching consequences. You cannot begin to troubleshoot anything else until the Suspense account is cleared.

Also, your first screen shot in post #5 is useless, as you do not explain what it is and have obviously obscured a large part of the information on it. And it was only a partial view of a transaction to begin. View screens are seldom helpful for troubleshooting, because they do not contain necessary information. You need to show Edit screens of transactions.

Ok what errors can you see from my screenshot below?

This is still in the list of suspense.

This one? Why is it useless? This transaction means, I had to pay 3 invoices plus $3867 in advance for future invoice. So when I categorise, that #3867 cannot be categorise and leave as a suspense until I receive an invoice to pay off from that amount. With the previous manager, with that sort of scenario it did show up in ‘bank accounts / uncategorized transactions’ tab so evertime I import bank transaction and cagegorise them, it’s there so I remember it.

You have made a payment to a customer without a name for an amount that customer owes to you. Do you normally pay your customers’ invoices for them? Do your customers normally not have names?

Yes, that one, for the reasons I already told you.

That just puts the transaction into Suspense. If you are paying an advance, follow this Guide: Record supplier deposits and advances | Manager.

You cannot leave improper transactions as reminders.

I did make the payment to a customer named “-” Also it doesn’t matter if I cagegorise the “payee” or not I still categorised the payment to customer “-” with invoice #2003. I do the same thing for all other transaction I made and only some come up in the summary/suspense list.

Could you tell me what else I should do with your marks in the screenshot so I can try?

What else do I explain? My transaction is there and I don’t want to categorise $3867.00 as yet then the system should keep at least the amount as suspense and it must show up in the bank accounts / uncategorized transactions list. I only removed transaction reference in the screenshot nothing else so whatever you see in the screenshot is all I have to show you anyway?
Edit screenshot is the end photo of my first post as per below.

This screen shot is what I’ve been doing all the time and only recently I having trouble as it doesn’t show up in the list anymore.

No, your understanding of Managers design and behaviour is incorrect.

If you want an “yet to allocate” account then create one. Put in anywhere on your COA consistent with how you chose to use it. You will be able to drill down on it and see all such transaction.

The suspense account in not a user account. It is a program account for errors in user data entry. When the program is in an error state none of the totals can be guaranteed to be accurate. IMO Manager should gray all and include an error message indicating “Please correct date entry error of all transactions in suspense”
In this state you have garbage in results in garbage out.

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@Patch has said it well, @chris.chai. You are misusing the program in so many ways it is impossible to know how to advise you.

I don’t think so.
When I say I don’t want to allocate yet certain transaction, this means the same as when I just import new transactions. The system does not do an automatic allocations so this means If I don’t allocate certain transaction, it should remain as it is like it was just imported. The system was doing from the beginning but from recently like early this year or end of last year, it didn’t work.

Before allocating any transaction, all transaction that are not yet allocated/uncategoried must remain as suspense and all these suspense transaction MUST remain in bank account/uncategorized transactions like when we import new transactions.

It’s simple, any transactions that are not yet allocated/categorized, must remain as suspense in bank accounts / uncategorized page and it has to be in this way like when we import new transactions they are there waiting for me to be allocated/categorized.

I am sorry, @chris.chai, but you are just plain wrong about the program. But, since you are so certain you are right, there is no way I can help you. Good luck.

From where am I wrong? If I am wrong here, the software were wrong from the beginning.
How can you then explain that all suspense transaction are in the uncategorized page as soon as I import new transaction everyday? Should they not be there? If so where can I find all uncategorized transaction since I import new transaction? Totally don’t understand why I am wrong since it was working like what I said before, even just a few months ago…

I think that these two images represent 2 different transactions as the bank account called “Bank Account” should be listed against the transaction in the second image if they were the same transaction.

My question is do you have 2 payment transactions for 2,129.00 on the 19/02/2021??

Maybe you have processed the same bank import twice.



Ok Some of screenshots are not matching above so I’ve taken few for the actual transaction I am having trouble with here.

I made transaction on 16/12/20 for $10000 to Tony. That $10000 was for his 3 invoices and $3867 advance payment for his future invoice which has not yet been received so the $3867 is still “suspense”

Now I belive this must show up in the “Bank Accounts / Uncategorized transactions” like other suspense transactions as it is not yet categorized/allocated. How ever as you can see below screen shot, it does not show up when other suspense transactions are in there, and yet this is still partially suspense in “bank accounts / bank account-cleared balance”

@chris.chai You are mixing two concepts: transactions and transaction lines. These things are not the same but you argue as if they are.

You have identified the transaction as a whole and categorized it; it’s a payment to a supplier for many different lines and that means you categorized it. You also intentionally left a single line in suspense and that’s not manager’s fault.

What you could’ve done was to:

  • Classify the transaction to Accounts Payable > Supplier Account and leave it as a Dr Balance, which is one acceptable way of keeping records; or
  • Create another supplier account under a new control account for advances in case you didn’t want to mix this up with other invoices.

But keeping part of an identified transaction in suspense is a mistake.

Also as @Tut already pointed out, that’s not how manager works, if you identify the transaction it is categorized. If you leave part of it blank like you did, you can always pickup any suspense transaction lines from the suspense account on your summary screen, so you still have track on your WIP.

Remember the reason why other software feel bloated, irresponsive and buggy is they workaround bad user habbits by endless lines of unnecessary code which makes them … suck, for lack of a better term (ehm Quickbooks)

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