Unable to import bank transactions

Always I try to upload this file Manager stops to work.

What may be the issue?

I suspect it’s because you are trying to import many thousands of transactions at once and this screen wasn’t optimized for this.

Why do you want to import so many transactions? You will have to categorize them which would be extra work for you. If all these transactions are only “sales” and “withdrawals”, you are better off to keep them in PayPal and only post net movement to Manager once a day/week/month which will have the same effect on your books but with less effort.

I use PayPal too. I find that manager is ok with importing 5k transactions at a time, more than that it’ll freeze. And only click the import button once, double clicking will cause multiple imports.

But I’ve been entering them in monthly cause all those transactions will slow down the system. You can get the monthlys from the reports section in PayPal.

That make sense, I will start doing monthly downloads. Thanks