UK Import DHL Advanced payments & VAT

Hi I,m a new member, I’m hoping I can get some help from this site.
My problem is …I.m in the UK… I purchased a Watch from Singapore (£71.10) through Ebay, It arrived by DHL who asked for £25.20 (Advanced payments £11.00 & VAT £14.20) before they would release it to me. Upon opening the watch it was defective & without Manuel, Warranty card etc.
I went through the correct channels to return the watch, I received £71.10) from the seller, but now I,m £25.20 down, I believe the seller is responsible for not checking before sending But Ebay & the seller are not interested.
So my question to all is how do I claim The “tax” back? I’m Struggling to find the correct process & route to get my £25 back.

I am sorry, but this forum is only for discussion of the Manager accounting application. Your question has nothing to do with that.