VAT on imports

I mentioned this before but have seen no reply. Using VAT on imports… received an item from a supplier abroad, free replacement item, but DHL still make their charge for VAT. So I create a PO and choose VAT on Import taxation. Now, I assume it’s my misunderstanding or misuse but this is a screenshot of the £16.21 VAT I have to pay to DHL.

Something really looks wrong here. I don’t want to spend millions of pounds, just £16.21 for VAT!

What’s occurring, Lubos? Is it just me?!

I’m sure I’ve fixed this bug when it was reported the first time. Is this the latest version?

Not the very latest version, I’m using 15.1.80 - couldn’t see anything in the newer versions that were going to affect me.

OK, I can reproduce this issue. It will be fixed in the next version (15.1.85).

Thanks, Lubos. I’ve just downloaded the latest version and it now appears to work. However, maybe I’m misunderstanding how this works!

I have just altered my PO to reflect a payment which is just the VAT I paid on an import.
The resulting order is now correct. However, when it is paid it is not showing up in the Tax Transactions. So now it just appears as an expense and I’m not claiming back the VAT.

Now, I’m not a book keeper at all so I’m guessing I’m using this function incorrectly… or am I?! :wink:

Further to my previous reply I’ve delved deeper into the accounts. I think that it’s just not appearing on the Tax Transactions report. My bank account shows the correct amount paid out. If I click on the account category the expense is made against it shows a value of £0, which is also correct. So the record of the VAT paid has vanished into the ether, I’m not actually sure if it has been deducted from the VAT payable amount or not.

Hope all makes sense.

Thank you for your continued hard work on this program, still very much appreciated.

  • Update * - Have just carried out a small experiment and found the VAT Return figures are calculated correctly too. It appears that the ‘VAT on import’ entry just simply doesn’t appear on the ‘Tax Transactions’ report.