Two Unit price columns on Transactions

Anyone else having two unit price columns on the new transaction page? It doesnt exist in Test business, only appears in my main file.

Btw the other Unit price shows no column when checked.

Check if you created a Custom field in settings called unit price.

Custom field are not supported on transaction page yet.

And Nope.

Created a backup. Deleted everything, All transactions, accounts reports, custom fields, COAs, Control accounts, each and everything. Then backed up again without history email , checked agian, still there.
Checked my previous backups its not there, It started appearing like a month ago.

It would help if you say what edition and version of Manager you are using

Latest version

@shahabb can you try unchecking every checkbox. Click Update, then have a look again if both columns are present?

Thank you very much. Its gone. I thought something is wrong with my file.