Two Businesses - Different Settings Options

I have been using Manager for a business for some time. Two of the options available in the Settings tab are Payment Advice Cutaway and Window Faced Envelopes. I am setting up a second business and I note these two options are not available in settings. Please advise

Additional Comments
The new business has a capital M alongside its name on the “Business” tab - what does this mean?
The new business has an Inventory Item tab which is used to create Items - but these items are not available when creating an invoice. The older business has “Sales Invoice Items” in Settings and “Inventory Items” in the left menu. The “Sales Invoice Items” are available when creating an invoice

Settings Customize

Then you can add and remove those options.

Regarding your second question: Does your second business name start with an M?

Inventory items will be available when you select sale of inventory items in accounts when creating an invoice