Transaction statistics

Dear @lubos,
I recently needed to obtain the number of transactions per period and there seems to be no way of obtaining this statistic. I have tried the following:

  • Using tab counters, there is no way to define a period
  • Using custom reports, it is not possible
  • Using general ledger report, it shows transaction lines with opening and closing and is in text form, possible to manipulate but extremely inefficient way to get a simple statistic
  • Using the alert on top of the summary page, it is possible but I have to change the dates multiple times and then subtract the numbers to arrive at the statistic which is not very efficient.

It would be great if we could have some way of getting counter statistics in a report.

A solution is to use a spreadsheet program to count the number of dates in your desired ranges via

  • Export all transactions from Manager to a spreadsheet program
  • Define a cell label “StartDate” and cell label “EndDate”
  • Copy the following formula into cell A2 (immediately to the left of the first imported date in cell B2)
  • Use fill down to copy the formula to all cells in column A adjacent to imported data
  • In cell A1 paste the fromula
  • Modify the contents of StartDate and EndDate to calculate the number of transactions in each of your ranges

Why was it that you needed these statistics?

For transactions per account

  • Create a report with multiple intervals / date ranges
  • View the report results
  • Drill down into each account for each date range
  • The “Export” button has a count of transactions

Custom report with these parameters


Select “copy to clipboard”, paste into Excel spread sheet, and use the excel remove duplicates function on the second column. Number of rows = number of transactions. It is also possible to count number of transactions of different types.

If you need these statistics for multiple businesses and multiple relatively fixed dates, then
create a template document with all the dates and all the calculations
Each time you need the statistics, just paste the Manager export into the template document.

When creating the template document use absolute and relative references carefully so the two formulas need only be written once the copied right for more date ranges and copied down to accommodate businesses with more transactions. (The date position after the last with formulas can also be tested and an error displayed at the top of the spreadsheet if data extends too far)

How can I do this? Right now I am using the General Ledger Transactions report but I need to change text to columns and then either remove duplicates or pivot the data.

I use the number of transactions mainly to justify to the clients why I am increasing their fees, because if I tell them your job is taking more time they will be quick to say that I am not efficient, on the other hand if I show them how much their transactions increase, they will be more cooperative.

Other uses are:

  • Utilization and recoverability of my own staff
  • Efficiency of procurement function.
  • Red flag for missing or duplicate transactions

That works, but I use the GL transactions report for the same effect.

I am wondering if it’s possible to have an option summarize by sum, count and average.

That depends what transaction you want to generate statistics for.

  • If it is just receipts and payments, goto that tab → Export → click on the data → copy → goto your spreadsheet → paste

  • This can be repeated for different tabs or

  • Write a custom report which includes the data you want such as

  • If the “Copy to clipboard” → Paste in your spread sheet doesn’t give tabulated data, then select the displayed data (shift click) and paste that as text into your spreadsheet. If that doesn’t work open Manager in a different browser, copy the displayed data, and paste that text into your spreadsheet program.

Creating a template spreadsheet document containing all calculation would be efficient for this use case.

Solved here:

Dear @lubos, with regards to the new report transformations, it has solved many of my previous requests with regards to reporting and statistics, except for two things:

  • General ledger. Thank to the new work on report transformation I am able now to obtain a tabular general ledger report. However, the only information I can get about the transaction is transactions.Transaction.Reference which is really handy but I cannot tell what type of transaction is it: i.e. receipts and payment or expense claim for example, I just get the number.
    So is there a way to get this from transactions object?

  • Statistics report. The filter between only works for transactions and not for other objects like receiptsAndPayments and other documents. This makes obtaining statistics specific to the documents very difficult.
    So can we have this filter for all documents?

I know this is not a coding forum, but this related to the new report transformation feature and I just wanted to know what we can do with it right now or in the future.