Tracking sales order that has been paid but not yet shipped or fulfilled

Let’s say I sell apparels online and customers can buy from me and I’ll ship it to them, and that currently I have an inventory item TSHIRT with quantity of 2 in Manager.

And let’s say, I have a customer that wants to purchase 1 TSHIRT.

So, in Manager,

  • I created a Sales Order, detailing what the customer wants, and associated the TSHIRT inventory item with the order.
  • I copied the Sales Order and created a Sales Invoice.

I sent the invoice to the customer and the customer makes a payment. Once paid, the Sale Invoice status will be Paid in Full, and the inventory will deduct 1 quantity from my TSHIRT (I’ll have 1 TSHIRT left in inventory).

Now, how do I keep track of the status of the order in Manager, which has been paid but not yet shipped/fulfilled?
I can currently keep track if the sales invoice has been paid but I’m having a hard time getting on top of unshipped orders.

Right now, I’m keeping track of unfilled orders in a separate Excel spreadsheet, tracking at least two status for each orders (whether invoice has been paid or not, and whether the order has been fulfilled/shipped or not). I was hoping I move away from having spreadsheets and fully manage my bookkeeping and inventory using Manager

Maybe I’m missing something that probably Manager is already capable of doing.

Thanks a lot!

No, you can’t yet track status of orders in Manager. Right now, I’m going to add Pro-forma invoices tab which seems like the last piece of puzzle.

Then I’m going to look into stitching all these concepts together.

There are number of ways how can I do it. I could implement dumb statuses where you simply change the status and that’s it.

Or I can implement new concept called Workflows or whatever I’ll call it. This would allow you to group invoices, credit notes, orders, quotes, delivery notes etc so you can follow/monitor each sale or purchase from quoting through ordering, invoicing, delivery and finally payment.

This way Manager could tell you this sale was 100% invoiced, 50% fulfilled, 75% paid or something like that. I didn’t quite nail this concept in my head but something will be implemented in upcoming months.

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Thanks for the reply @lubos

Yeah I guess maybe I can work with issuing pro-forma invoices first for the time being, looking forward to try it once its available. Unless until you guys have worked out the details for Statuses or Workflows. Great =)

Thanks again!

Any update on this please?

We always receive a partial pay and would like it to be showing on the sale order please.

Thanks in advance!

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