Tracking expenses on jounral entry accompanied on invoice screen

I just started using manager. Is there a way to directly add costs related to an invoice on the invoice screen, without making a journal entry? Or even better, can we make journal entries on the invoice screen?

If I sell Product A for $50 and receive $10 in shipping and paid -$4 in PayPal fees, it would be nice to keep a journal entry attached to the invoice where all costs can be added. Eventually when the order ships and we have the shipping cost, when marking the invoice paid/shipped we would have:

Product A: $50
Shipping: $10

Accompanying journal entries:
Shipping cost: debit $10
Paypal fee: debit $10

Keeping all related transactions on one screen would be great since each invoice usually involves getting numbers from multiple places such as the e-commerce store, paypal account, shipping service etc.

Thoughts on this?

You cannot enter any transactions involving the movement of money via journal entries. Those must all be entered in Cash Accounts. You can add the shipping cost to the sales invoice when you create it. PayPal fees are distinct transactions, between you and PayPal, not between you and the customer. So that’s separate.