Shipping fee

Hello. I am very new to Manager and a beginner in Accounting. I have a craft business in which I ship things through Pirateship. How do I incorporate the shipping fee to the receipt so that it will add to the total? And when I try to make a receipt to include with item to mail off it shows the supplier foe the item. What am I suppose to use when I receive an order? And then when I received payment for order? Sales order, sales invoice, receipt or payment.

You have a lot of questions there. I suggest you start by reading the Guides. You also need a basic understanding of what double entry accounting is. Otherwise, you will never understand the tool that implements it.

I did read the guides. And it has helped me with other issues I have encountered. I typed in shipping and it does not bring up anything about how to add it to the receipt. There is not option to add it as a line field and then reflect in the total cost.

Yes there is. Add a separate line and allocate it to an expense account such as shipping cost.