Tracking code wise fixed asset report

Is it possible to generate tracking code wise fixed asset report. It would have been great if there was a provision for generating tracking code wise balance sheet report but don’t know why it is not there. Apart from profit and loss statement, I could not find any other report that could have generated selecting a tracking code. There should be a provision for selecting tracking code while creating report and generate each report by tracking code. Is there any particular reason for not doing so.

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Tracking codes were designed to allow P&L determination for divisions of a business. Their limitations make sense in that context. People are now using them for all sorts of things they were never meant to do, so those limitations are noticed.

You may be able to accomplish what you want using custom control accounts to divide your fixed assets by tracking code. Read this Guide:

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Try the guide Add Custom Control Accounts

My apology, @romel. I accidentally sent you a link to an intermediate site where Guides are edited for publishing, rather than the public web page. @Joe91 has given you the correct link.

Hi Tut and Joe, custom control account is not the ideal scenario that I am looking for. Yes, we can do it in a way as for example, can create custom asset account “Computer for Project A” and “Computer for Project B” and so on to separate it but it will just make the balance sheet report more clumsy. We just want to maintain a separate calculation for our different projects and the best way to do that would be to generate all reports in the basis of tracking code as for every single entry we are maintaining the selection of desired tracking code named as project name.

Perhaps you could add a custom field to your fixed assets, in which you would designate the project. Then, you could export the Fixed Assets list to a spreadsheet and sort that way. This would keep your balance sheet compact. There really are no other approaches I can think of.

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