Fixed Asset - Opening Balances & Tracing Code

Hello to everyone,

I am unable to find edit option for entering opening balances of fixed assets.

Also , please let me know whether manager allows fixed assets to be maintained based on tracking code as we are operating multiple business units and we maintain our records accordingly. Moreover, we would also like to record depreciation with respect to individual business unit, because we analyse the profit & loss separately.


Yeah you can use the tracking codes to enter depreciation for fixed asset for the individual businesses.
But sometimes opening a new company for every business unit is better if the business qualifies to be treated as a separate business and produce their own financial reports accordingly.

With regards to entering opening balances, read here:

The answers to this seemingly simple question are mixed. Tracking codes in Manager only apply to income and expense accounts. So you cannot maintain balance sheet records of fixed assets with tracking codes. However, you could assign fixed assets of various business units to different custom control accounts. See

When you purchase new fixed assets, the purchase transactions can be assigned tracking codes. (See And, as @Abeiku has already told you, depreciation entries (see can be given tracking codes, since these are expenses.

Currently, depreciation for all fixed assets is combined in the single Fixed assets, accumulated depreciation account. This makes it laborious to determine book value for assets reported in separate control accounts. So, in my opinion, there is actually little benefit to doing that. The Fixed Asset Summary is an easier method for determining that.