Suggestion to Add Tracking Codes for Inventory Items

could you please add Tracking Codes Function to the Inventory Report.

for the meantime it is not possible to know the inventory movement , stock level, balance quantity per Tracking Codes ( Division).

looking forward to have tracking codes in Inventory Reports

thanks in advance

You should use inventory locations for this function. The information you expressed interest in is related to quantities. Tracking codes will not help with this, as tracking codes are related to transactions.

For per Division, you should be using “Inventory Locations” not tracking Codes - then you can use

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the said solution is a temporary one. it will work for me and for anyone who have only one location but not for someone who work based on Project Accounting and have many locations and he wants to know the the movement and other information per project.

Just to clear out my point, please do correct me if I wrong, one company have three different location and 10 different Divisions and he would like to know the inventory movement per location for the said division.

in the other hand if Tracking code is available we will have the choice to create the report based on the tracking codes for the three different location.

@Tut just for your information Tracking Codes used for Reporting PLS and BS. It will help to calculate the inventory provision in easy way. and will show the performance per division. will give you hint which where do you have fund problem in balance sheet for AR.

I know Tracking codes will not be use for Small companies in balance sheet items, but it will help for inventory in reporting. calculating the inventory provision to allocate the cost for every Div

I hope the above will clarify my request, and will help other to have more information

Yes, but does each division at the one location have the same inventory items.
Take Location A with Division 1, Division 2, etc do they all have Inventory Item XYZ or does Inventory Item XYZ just belong to one Division

yes each division has the same item in the three locations

to give more clarity I would say we have Table Div ( Table 1, Table2, Table3 ) Door Div ( Door 1, Door 2, Door 3) all these Divisions and Items available in Location 1, Location 2, location 3

how could we generate report per division for one location or multiple locations? if I will use the location as tracking codes.

All what is required is the report. we have the ability to allocate the tracking Codes to the Inventory Items but we cann’t generate the report based on Tracking Codes and Location.

it is difficult and might be not possible to use the inventory location as division for Multiple inventory locations and divisions

You would need to use combined Division / Location as the tracking code.
TC1 - Table Division / Location A
TC2 - Table Division / Location B
TC3 - Table Division / Location C
TC4 - Door Division / Location A etc.

Then you can report per division / location, for division multiple location report you would need to export or enter into a spreadsheet.

Currently tracking codes can’t have sub-codes.

As well, Inventory Items via Purchase / Sales Invoices will need to be allocated to Inventory Locations

as a Temporary solution it is OK, but it will not be a solution for permanent and long term it will not be. this will force me to create 100 of inventory location in the long term

[quote=“Brucanna, post:7, topic:12239”]
Currently tracking codes can’t have sub-codes.
[/quote] there is no need for sub-codes

Iam using Tracking Codes in Sales and Purchase invoices for Inventory items and the location. I need inventory report to be generated based on tracking codes and location.

in other way there should be a report like the P&L Statement that give the ability to choose Tracking Codes and Location.

if it is required I make a sample report to make my suggestion clear and understandable. It might be I couldn’t explain it very well in writing