Totals not shown in Employees tab

Multiple employees’ payments total is not shown any more to pay bulk for salaries like before

Hi @Rabie,

The screen you have shown is the Employee tab and not Payments as the title suggests.

Anyway, I think screen totals disappearing from a tab is a bug and therefore I am placing this in bugs.

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Fixed in the latest version (23.3.2)

Bug is not fixed. Am using the server version (

Kindly look into it again

@Daniel_Arthur you have a screen total of 1,750.00, so what is not fixed? The topic is that these screen totals did not show and that was fixed.

The bulk payment feature works from the Employees tab and not from the Summary tab as you shown in your screenshot.

Refer to the guide for more detail: Pay employees | Manager

Below is a screenshot of the employees tab: the total shows but is not clickable as in the previous versions why you could click on it and select new payment as shown in the bulk payment link you sent me:

I have marked out the totals I am referring to. It is no longer clickable as it used to be.

I am using the desktop current version (

Yes the totals show but it is not clickable for bulk payment

@Daniel_Arthur that is what the “Amount to pay” button is for. (is in between batch view and Copy to clipboard buttons). Try it. Ensure that after clicking on Amount to pay that you select New Payment. You will then see a payment form with all the employee clearing accounts per line item. This represents thus a bulk payment.

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Oh! thanks, I did not notice it. That’s really helpful. I have been looking out for clickable amount as it used to be and did not notice the button.