Total Units

Please Add the total unit at the Sale Invoice And Purchase Invoice receipt

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This would not make any sense is the purchase was
Item Qty Amount
Apples (units) 10 € 5
Salt (kg) 2 € 2
Milk (litre) 1 € 1
Total 13 € 8

nor in a multitude of other cases - so best left out

@Rashid_Shah, please search the forum before starting new topics. This suggestion has been made many times before. And the reason it is not available has also been explained.

i do agree there is no point in showing the total quantity when the UOM of line items are different.
but i dont think it will be too hard for @lubos to show the same along with the subtotal when all the line items selected have the same UOM defined and to not show it when different UOM are selected. i guess a small piece of code to add them would be all that is required since Manager is already programmed to display the UOM in the header instead of Qty when all items in the form have the same UOM.

@lubos would this be possible?

in my (rather our) use case we would find it extremely useful as it is mandatory to generate E-Waybills on the govt website before movement of goods where we need to enter the invoice details which includes the total qty of goods. also the transporters find it useful when they issue a consignment note for shipment.