Total Debit and Credit Amount in GL Transaction Report

The general ledger transactions report does not show the Total Debit and Total Credit in bottom. would it possible to add/update total debit and credit amount GL report…!

The General Ledger Summary report has the totals

Thanks but we need the totals in General Ledger Transactions because GL Summary report showing all ledgers not particular ledger

A custom report does this very easily but not the running balance.

No custom report does not complying what we want.

Show us what you tried (edit and view screens), i.e. creating a customs report and then what is “missing” or “not complying”.

We just need sum of total debit and credit amount in General Transaction Report. pls see the screen shot, i add the total debit and credit amount which not available now on this report

It is clear what you want, I asked your trial with Custom Reports, edit and view screens and then see where it is not complying with what you want. Thanks.

In custom report, it is not possible to see particular ledger details and not the balance as well but only transactions. That’s why we want total debit and credit amount in GL transaction report and then everything is fine for us.

Select is used to select what to fields to display in the custom report

To choose which transaction information is displayed use the “Where…” section. Such as

  • General ledger account isProfitAndLosAccount is/is not checked
  • General ledger account Name contains … your particular ledger account

After you have that working as desired you may want to use the order then possibly Group definitions.

sorry, but in custom report we cannot see particulars ledger information. It is way better to add total amount row in General Ledger Transaction Report

because you have not done

sorry, this is very complex…the custom report is not accordingly what we want. It is simple and easy for serving our purpose to add total debit and credit amount on GL transaction report as attached because we have to see the running balance as well

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@Lubos indicated an overhaul of customs reports. Let’s wait and see what it will feature. As with anything Manager not sure when will be released.