Production order cost report

Please guide me
1- “How can I get the total cost of a Production order”. I don’t see any such report. From production point of view it is important to know the exact cost of production.

2- We pay wages for a particular Production order. How it can be directly linked to this Production order. Should appear there automatically, indicating inventory quantity used/issued and cost along with wages paid.

Javaid M Sethi

Manager cannot provide the information you want on exact cost of production. A production order subtracts cost of input inventory items at their current average cost, adds non-inventory costs (which you provide) and adds that total cost into the average cost calculation of the output inventory item. Thus, identical production orders can have different cost impacts at different times, depending on the changing average cost of input inventory items.

You can only calculate the actual cost of a specific production order by looking up current average cost of input items at the time.

Wages are unrelated to production orders. To enter wages, use a payslip with earnings payslip items. You can enter production order information in the description or custom fields, as you choose. But the payroll module has no way of knowing what inventory quantity may have been used as wages were earned. It only knows what earnings items you tell it about. See the Guides: and