Cost of each item in a Production order

Once we create a production order, it does give the total cost and average cost. But how I can get cost of each inventory item in a production order making total cost like which should look like

Production of Deka Haaks Liq 100 L
Ser Inventory Item Qty Average Rate Cost
1 Vitamin A 2 30,000 60,000
2 Vitamin B 4 12,000 48,000
3 Vitamin C 50 700 35,000
4 Vitamin D 0.6 35,000 21,000
5 PP Sodium 0.5 1,200 600
6 1 L Bottle 48 45 2,160
                                        Total Cost                                              166,760|

it means that by using above 6 inventory item I have a production order of say 48 L Deaka Haks. it gives me total cost ie 166760 but not the working.
Please guide me.

the average cost automatically appears for the finished item which is the total of the average costs of all inventory items used as the bill of material.

Yes dear that is correct, but as we can get production item qty wise so it should also give cost. Any way to get that

in a production order there is no use of the average cost of inventory items used to produce a finished good. only the quantity is required.
other expenses not involving inventory items can be added by selecting the checkbox Add non-inventory cost into production

@Skn, the Inventory Items tab will list the current average cost of inventory items manufactured under production orders or purchased directly, without distinction. If you want to know the cost history of items manufactured under production orders, these are accessible by drilling down on the item in the Inventory on hand account from the Summary page.

Very true and correct but there it gives total cost of production order, not each inventory item making production order.

If that honestly matters to you, drill down the components in the Inventory on hand account. It will list the credits from production orders.

Correct, Production Orders are an accounting journal, therefore they should disclose costings.
In the Ideas topic Production Orders - Enhancements - #72 by Genti_Ge this requirement has been listed under points D & E of the opening post.