Title missing out in prints

I noticed the title of each ledger goes missing in print preview and printed documents. Earlier, all printed documents from ledger used to show the title and thus was easy to trace records in soft copy and vice versa. Just to give an example I attached below.

What you have outlined in red are not titles of a ledger. You are showing the result of drilling down on a balance for one customer in the Customers tab:

  • The blue “Customers” is the breadcrumb that shows you the path taken to arrive at the page you are viewing. It is a hyperlink back to the origin of your click history.
  • The “Amount” line is information, telling you the accounts receivable balance of the particular customer you drilled down on.
  • The third rectangle is a label for the data frame containing the list of transactions.

You are viewing a web page. Seldom, when printing web pages, does a browser print everything displayed on the screen, and almost never in the same format. If you want this information in more polished form, use a customer statement, or a General Ledger Transactions report for the account in question.

Thanks Tut.

Do you think there is no need of having the label in the prints? I have attached few screenshot of printouts of few of my inventory. How do you think you can trace from the printouts which inventory it is if the labels are missing?

If you are wondering why I have to rely on ledger based printouts then it is because the custom reports aren’t versatile or user friendly yet. The reports I need can only be achieved from the ledger easily for now

If you need to print the contents of a screen, including the breadcrumbs and frame labels, simply drag over the parts you want with your mouse, copy, and paste into a spreadsheet. You will get everything, and then you can manipulate further if desired.

That is a workaround and is tiresome.

Anyways I still think all printouts should mention lables so that it is easier to trace the reference. It should work the way it used to work. I’ll request @lubos to look into this for consideration.

What information are you really trying to retrieve? There might be a better way.

I’m moving this into bugs category because breadcrumb element should contain current page title.

That won’t satisfy @raJ, because he is printing directly from the web page.

@Tut All I need is the label or title for tracing the reference from printed documents. It is essential as I regularly print customer’s overview transactions. And the labels used to be there in all printed documents previously which all of a sudden stopped for some reason. Trust me the implementation will help to locate transaction from printed documents.

@raJ Would the built-in reports help you with this? Goto: Reports - Customer Statements (Transactions) - then set the period you want and then view the statement…

The built-in reports unfortunately doesn’t serve my purpose throughout all modules especially in Inventory Items module, e.g. Qty owned, Qty delivered, Qty on hand.

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Fixed in the latest version (19.12.3). Although this will still require further tweaking to make titles as useful as possible.