Three questions

  1. Let’s say I take a amount from my cash on hand to my bank account. How can I put this the right way in Manager.

  2. Can Manager keep more than 1 year. If so, how can I take care that the dashboard shows for example 2013 and 2014 the right numbers.

  3. I have received a invoice which I need to pay. How to proceed so I can see which invoices I did not pay and if I pay it by let’s say the bank. How do I proceed then.

  1. You can use Transfer Money to transfer from cash on hand to your bank account.

  2. Manager has no limit to the number of years of transactions. You can customize the Summary Page to show the start date you require.

  3. Record unpaid invoices under Purchase Invoices which also shows the unpaid invoices. You can also view Aged Payables under Reports. Once the invoice is recorded under Purchase Invoices it can be paid from Spend Money under the Bank Account or by clicking Pay money to supplier when viewing the purchase invoice.

If you have not yet downloaded the User Guide, I recommend it.

Thanks, I will download and read it well.