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I try to invoices by email to customers at the beginning to me that succeeded was not a problem now I was always (The remote name could not be resolved: ' what have I done wrong can I someone helping you please
I would like to ask how I manager on two or several computer can use to continue to keep the customer files
Want to help me please

Upgrade to the latest version from

with this I want to thank you did it to me
Can you help me for the next while
I want to use the same progama on another computer, how do I continue to do so given the manager

Are you requiring the single user (desktop edition) or the multiple users (cloud or server editions)

To access single user Manager on different computers you must keep them all updated to the same edition. Then if you use a service like Dropbox, you can store the data files there and they will sync each time you start up assuming you have an internet connection. Read below

Without an internet connection you will need to do back ups on to an external storage device and then do a business restore each time you use a different computer