The profit and loss statement doesn't reflect the full journal entries


I have an issue with the profit and loss statement report. I did a query for the software/system to generate the profit and loss statement from 01 Jan 2020 until 31st July 2020. But later i realised the profit and loss statement didn’t take into account some older transactions in the journal entries from January until May 2020. When i go to the journal entries listing i found that the system has changed the colour of the older transaction dates from black to red (i.e. it is the transactions from January to May 2020).
Hopefully someone can explain or assist on the matter.

Thank you

Just guessing

When moving from a different accounting system, or starting a new “Business in Manager” use:
Starting Balances: Set start date | Enter starting balances

When starting a new financial year use:
Summary: Set reporting period | Close an accounting period | Set lock date

If you set a start date after the date of transactions, they will be ignored and shown in red

You need to be much more specific. You have not provided any details. So any response is a wild guess. Illustrate with screen shots.