Profit/Loss Statement for former years doesn´t work

On summary tab the period displayed is only working for the current year. When changing the period to a former year nothing is displayed. The same on reports…it doesn´t work for entries of the previous year.

And sure: I have entries for both years - the current and the previous. I will attach a png and a gif file to show you the error.

And the animated gif…

I really hope someone can help me :woozy_face:

Please do not be clever with animated GIFs. Your events go by so fast it is impossible to study what you may be showing. Post ordinary screen shots if you want help. And explain what they show. We have no clue what your first screen shot represents.

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This portion of your post I can respond to. It is not true.

This is also not true. So whatever you are seeing is caused by something in your setup or entries. Both look questionable:

  • You have no cash or bank accounts, so it is hard to imagine how you are accounting for a business.
  • You have not enabled the Receipts & Payments tab, so you cannot record money moving into or out of the business.
  • The presence of a Suspense balance indicates incomplete or erroneous transactions have been entered. See
  • You have 523 journal entries and no other form of transaction except 2 sales invoices. Journal entries are almost never used in Manager. Therefore, it looks like you are trying to record everything with journal entries. This is going to be where a large portion of your problems are found.

When you post better illustrations, include screen shots of the Edit screens of one of your sales invoices and at least one of your journal entries.

Can I suggest to see if he manipulated the starting date?

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Sorry, I thought the gif would be helpful. To explain it a bit…

The image shows my journal entries as a proof that there are entries for 2020 and 2019.

With the gif I wanted to show that the profit and loss overview works for the current year. But as soon as I switch the period to an other year nothing is displayed any more.

@Davide: Thank you for the hint. The date was changed to 01.01.2020. So the older entries couldn´t be shown. Thanks a lot :blush: :innocent:

@saschavalentin, you still have the other issues I mentioned.

Yes, I dare. But I´m no profi in accounting and just looked for a software to track my income and expenses. I might should learn a bit how Manager really works to fully use it…

A full double-entry accounting program like Manager is a lot of work if all you want is a list of income and expenses. It would be easier to do that in a spreadsheet. And it would be less confusing, as everything would be more visible to you. A lot goes on behind the scenes in Manager.

The Start Date is only set “IF” you are transferring from another accounting system when you start using Manager, it is NOT to be used in relation to starting a new financial year.

There have been many suggestions about renaming the terminology “start date” due to the confusion that it currently causes.