The production not showing up on inventory item

I have input one item (Lychee Ice Tea ) on production order, the status complete.
But the production not showing up on inventory item

Do you have the inventory items needed for the production in stock?

Also, please show screen images (not pdf, which are not allowed as they can be a security risk)

And as a new member and possibly a new user of Manager, have you read the guides
Use production orders to manufacture inventory items | Manager
Understand insufficient quantity on a production order | Manager

The production order is complete

But the production order not appear on inventory item

All your production orders are shown properly. Your issue is that you previously sold more than you had. So all new production went to satisfy previous sales.

The PDF you uploaded previously was deleted because it presents a security risk to other forum members.

Thanks for your advice. I found the problem. the problem is because i sold the item more high than the sales unit price at inventory item.

No, that was not your problem. Prices have nothing to do with your situation. The problem, as I already mentioned, was that you sold more units than you had purchased or produced. Prices only affect your profit.