The 'next page' sign


On the first listing page of Bank Account, Customers and Suppliers the ‘next page’ click-on sign is only at the bottom of the page. All other pages are top and bottom. Would it be possible for the first page in these cases to have a ‘next page’ sign?


What’s the use case for this? Do you find yourself going to the second page so often that you really prefer navigation at the top all the time? Why not use “Search” box to find the record you are looking for?


I do book-keeping for several small companies and the paperwork only comes to me once a month. I only get bank print-outs (not statements) so only have a final figure to reconcile. So when reconciling on Manager I often have to refer to previous bank pages. I just find it a nuisance having to go to the bottom of the first page before I can view the older pages. I do not always know specifically what I am looking for - it may be that I have reversed figures, used an incorrect ledger, etc so search is not always appropriate. Thanks.


Any more thoughts on this yet? Thanks


The main issue is that I really want to maintain consistency across all screens with tabular data. If I add navigation to the top on the first page, then I will have to do it across all screens.

Your use-case refers to single screen only which is not enough to justify global change. The question is, when you are reconciling bank accounts, why open “statement balance” screen at all. You should set “reconciliation date” to new date (the date of your last bank statement) and hit Reconcile button. Then enter missing transactions during bank reconciliation process.


I would be very happy to have ‘next page’ at the top of first page across all the screens.

I will keep a few records of when this affects me so I can give more specific descriptions and will get back to you at a later date thanks.