The most appropriate way to access Manager Data


How to access Manager data for analysis?

Any suggestions?

What sort of analysis?

We need to ask some questions based on the stored bills data. Also, I think we will discover more about analysis after getting the data out of Manager to BI tool.

So you want to analyse Sale Invoice data?

Have you looked at all the built-in reports available in Manager to see if one of them fits your need?

If not, you can try to create a custom report that fits your need
Note the rules about asking for help with custom reports

  • Be specific. Do not just tell us a feature does not work. Explain what you have done and why you think there is an issue. If your question relates to an apparent software problem (rather than an accounting topic), tell us your operating system (including the version), Manager edition (desktop, server, or cloud), and exactly what you think is wrong. If possible, post screen shots illustrating the problem. If your question is related to custom themes or custom reports, always post the code or report definition you have developed and the results it produces. Do not simply post a picture of something you want and ask other users to tell you how to achieve it.

Thank you for your help.

The invoice data will be integrated across the enterprise data inside DWH DB. So, Basically we need to transfer the data first to centralized DB. We will need to make a connection to Manager to pull the data via any type of connections.

Is this possible?

Have you searched the forum - some users have indicated the possibility of using Apis to access the data but that’s way beyond my expertise

I have no idea what DWH DB is - I presume DB is Database

DWH (data warehouse)
I found a python wrapper for the connection. However, I am trying to find the most secure way.
Thank you @Joe91