The accounting logic of delivery companies

Hello friends,
Does anyone tried to use Manager io for delivery company, where company work is about offering cars and drivers to take from restaurants to deliver to the end customers, at the same time driver is taking cash and giving it to his company which is sending money again to the main restaurant or the main delivery company like Talabat.

I have a client who would like to record all process in his books so we have here :slight_smile:
1- the Main contractor (Talabat)
2- the sub contractor (the delivery company - my client)
3- the main service my client is offering is delivery (by his cars and drivers)
4- driver is getting cash from end customer
5- driver is delivering cash to the company (the delivery company - my client)
6- the company is giving the cash to the main contractor (Talabat)
If anyone of you had the same type of companies please contact me ASAP
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Sounds like a pretty straightforward business to me.

  • You have a supplier that you pay money to: Talabat
  • You have customers that you receive money from: They pay in cash for delivery services
  • You have employees to pay as well: The drivers