Taxes report with separate taxes

I need to get my tax report but since I live in Quebec, Canada, we have 2 separate taxes (TPS 5% and TVQ 9,975%). When I get the tax transaction report, I only get the total of taxes paid and the total taxes that I need to pay. I want to have a separate total for the TPS and another one for the TVQ.
What do I need to do to have the separate totals?


Olivier P

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There are no built-in reports for Canadian taxes. Those exist only for Netherlands, UK, and Australia. And since there are no built-in tax codes for Canada, you will need to create custom tax codes. Unfortunately, tax reporting for custom codes, especially multi-component ones, is not very comprehensive.

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Thank you very much, the two of you. Your replies helped me a lot. There is all I need to know in the link.

This link no longer works. Anyone have the updated link?

Found the updated link; Work with multi-component custom tax codes | Manager