How to have the totals per tax items in tax summary report?

I have a tax code called QcCanada which contains two tax items as follow:

Federal: 5,00
Provincial: 9,975

I use this code to add taxes to my sales invoices elements.

At the end of each trimester I have to declare those taxes to the government and pay them. But I need to know the total amounts for Federal and Provincial separately.

Right now, I can only see the total for the tax code QcCanada, which is not very helpful in this situation.

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This is a deficiency I’ve raised before, but no change has been implemented yet. While it is simple to create custom tax codes with multiple elements, and all those elements show separately on invoices, the tax reports lump them back together. As in your situation, I must charge sales tax with four components, all payable to different taxing authorities on different schedules. Yes, a little algebra provides a workaround, but it is frustrating not to be able to get a professional-looking report.

So, I add my endorsement to your suggestion for a report that breaks things out.

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Any news about this feature?

With the new queryable custom reports. Would anybody know how to somehow get this done?

Have the separate summed amounts for each tax items for a specific tax code between a range of dates.

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I seriously need this feature with have state sales tax and numerous local taxes. Please add this. Thanks!

In the latest version (16.5.91), you can now set custom balance sheet account for tax codes

Thanks. I’ll have to tinker with it to see if this layman can get it working.

The balance sheet does not work because you cannot do inclusive dates so you can perform a tax report. Back to the drawing board.

Balance sheet is always as at. If you require to see movements in balance sheet accounts for the period of time, you can use General Ledger Summary report which you can run for date range.

Thanks, Lubos