Import localization settings and features

Trying to set up a new business and working my way through the guides but I am unable to import localization settings and features.
If I go to settings as described in the guide and press ‘Import’, I get directed to import an unknown file from my computer.
I do not get a country selection tab.
I am in Australia and need to sort out our local tax rules like GST and the like.
Do I have to enter each tax rule separately?

Settings > Import and select Australia:


Nope, I don’t get a drop down country as mentioned in the initial post

Then I guess you are using an older Manager version and you should update first. Latest is v20.8.25.

Version 20.7.55.
I’ll do an update.
Strange as it works OK for other Businesses I have and has worked for about 3 years.

Your old businesses imported through an entirely different process. The process changed after the version you were on.